About Us

一缸肥油唱片(Fat Tub of Lard Records)旨在推廣世界殘暴死亡金屬音樂文化與代理世界樂團授權之周邊商品以及唱片。

Fat tub of Lard Expands the love of Brutal Death Metal, and we try hard to provide and to give back to the community!!!!!! We are trying our best to provide better quality merch and to share some of the old time memories by selling out of print merch to sustain and to attract more people into this heavy-as-fuck genre!!!!

Any inquiries please contact us (如有需要或問題請直接與我們聯繫):

電子信箱: sataninyourass@yahoo.com

Merch Link (商品網頁): http://ftolrecords.bigcartel.com/